Thursday, December 31, 2009

Page Readers talks with Julie Hoffenberg and Sarah Woodward, authors of Healing Patch Cuisine

Two words everyone - RAW FOOD. Sarah and Julie share a great story about how they came to be Raw Foodists. If anyone has ever wondered about what a raw food diet might be like, I encourage you to listen to them talk about their own journeys. Their cookbook is written from their hearts and their own perspectives of the transformations they've seen in their lives as they've changed how and what they eat. It is a great story, and one I hope you take the time to listen to.
Learn more about Julie and Sarah, and their cookbook at

Page Readers talks with Janice Clark, author of "Mountains of the Moon"

Janice is an experience story teller who can describe even the place she lives as a mystical place. Even if the place is southern Washington State!

Her story "Mountains of the Moon" was written for one of her granddaughters who even decided upon the story, which is about loss and acceptance.

Mountains of the Moon is just one part of a series of books that Janice is currently working on. The series, "Hall of Doors" will include other mystical and magical journeys targeted at young readers.

I enjoyed talking with Janice, and reading her book. I highly recommend not only her book, but check out her website at She offers a free book available for download as well as links to all of her other works and a link to her blog.

Page Readers talks with Romy Nelson, author of "Be Lean, How to get the Body you Love, and Love the Body you Have"

On this show I will talk with Romy Nelson, MEd, DTR, author of "Be Lean, How to get the Body You Love, and Love the Body You Have". Romy is a nutritionist, media consultant and author, specializing in corporate consulting. She educates audiences on many health and wellness topics including nutrition, fitness, and the importance of balancing the body, mind and soul to achieve optimal health and wellness. Her book, Be Lean: How to Get the Body You Love and Love the Body You Have, was written to guide readers towards achieving peace with their bodies through positive affirmations, proper nutrition, and natural health.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Page Readers is Moving

OK, so I've given Word Press a try, for almost a year now. It's just as user friendly to me as I need it to be, so I'm coming back over to blogger.

I know I could get some flak over this, from my friends who think WP is "the best". But those friends are probably a little more techie than I am, and honestly, I just don't have the desire to get into the techie stuff.

So, we're moving it all back over to here.

And, of course, everything will still be available on the Blog Talk Radio show page, which is nice.

Thanks to everyone, all of my guests and friends, who have made the show fun. I've grown a bit of a following, with shows now hitting into the 100's on their listen counts. Very nice!