Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carolyn Moncel, Encounters in Paris Review

Carolyn Moncel shares several wonderfully written short stories about a life in Paris. While I'm sure many of these stories mirror that of the author, I think she does a wonderful job of adding enough drama to make it interesting without taking it overboard.

Each story is about her main character, Ellery, and her life as an American in Paris. With two young daughters an and faithful husband, the loss of her job and the death of her mother back in the states, Ellery deals with her fears and life the best she can without going completely crazy. One story tells of her ending a long term romantic relationship that she knew had to finally end, another tells of her fear of flying and her fears of facing the ghosts of her parents.

Her stories were so good, that I found myself wanting to know more about her main character and her life. Giving us just a small glimpse into the world she has created wasn't enough. I hope Carolyn has plans to develop this into a longer novel, because there is definitely room for this character to grow.

She was also featured here in a Page Readers Interview.  I hope you take the time to get to know this wonderful author!