Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A novel of Spiritual Healing & Unlikely love in the Montana Wilderness

I found a novel I loved and had to share it with you. You can almost taste the wilderness and the life springing from the pages of it! It’s bestselling author, Doug Hiser’s new novel, Montana Mist, Winter of the White Wolf. Set in the town of Rime, Montana the pages are replete with loners, free spirits and those simply looking for a place to lose themselves for awhile.

Here’s what reviewer Tracy Riva said, “The scenery in Montana Mist vividly springs to life bringing the mountain town and its surroundings into keen view as you peruse the pages of this piece of modern folklore. Hiser brings not only the people of Rime, but also the wild inhabitants of its nearby mountains to boldly dance across the screen of your mind.

“What follows is one of my favorite passages from the book, a tall tale that I suppose could have happened somewhere, at sometime but probably takes place only in our fascinated imaginations. It is the tale of a one-eyed wolf appropriately named Cyclops and a huge bull moose which no wolf in his right mind would normally dare to attack alone:

“Suddenly Cyclops darted in and snapped at the moose’s hind leg. The wolf was fast and quick and he had drawn first blood. The moose grunted and bellowed in rage, snot flung from his large nostrils as he twisted in response to the biting pain in his rear leg. Cyclops rushed in again and the moose was slower. The one-eyed wolf bit the moose in the other hind leg. Throughout the entire engagement Cyclops had been silent but the moose groaned and grunted and snorted in anger. The moose’s shoulders quivered and his mouth opened and closed as oxygen was sucked in. Cyclops had one more trick to play against the big Bull Moose. This is the part where I wish you could have been there…that one-eyed wolf ran around the staggered moose and got behind him again. Cyclops was too quick for that big engine of power. The moose was caught off guard as the one-eyed wolf leapt high and far from behind. That wolf jumped on the moose’s back.”

“ …At first the moose just stood still, breathing hard and tossing his antlers back and forth. Finally realizing there was a wolf sitting on his back the moose started to jump and run. I saw that crazy one-eyed wolf straddling that wild moose and clinging with all four paws and biting a clump of thick hair on the moose’s neck. Cyclops didn’t try to attack the moose. He was just trying to stay on for the ride. That moose jumped and ran all over that clearing trying to dislodge Cyclops. That was the strangest thing you ever saw, a crazy one-eyed wolf riding on a bucking moose.”

Hiser knows how to tell a story and he uses masterful prose to bring his work to life for you to enjoy. I highly recommend Montana Mist, Winter of the White Wolf- reading it will leave an indelible impression on you. Get it today with loads of bonuses!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching up with Author Jan Sydnam

Author Jan Sydnam was the very first guest on Page Readers.  Listen to that first interview here. 

I met Jan on a writers forum.  As I browsed through the members, her profile picture caught my eye.  She was riding a horse.

Being an equestrian lover myself, I sent her a connection request.  She told me about her book and her quest for publicity and to make a long story short, Jan was a big part of the idea that became Page Readers.

First, a little more about Jan:

Jan Sydnam moved to Texas in 2003 to escape the ongoing constant wet drizzle of the Pacific NW. Although she loved the greenness of her surroundings there, the rain was depressing to her as an outdoor type person. Her current home sits amidst a herd of horses that she breeds, trains and shows. Jan made a name for herself in the horse show arena starting in 1970 and has many National wins to her credit. She has either ridden or trained the horse that was declared the winner. Since moving to Texas she started taking her talent in the area of writing, a bit more serious and wrote her first novel in 2007. That novel “Oh, For God’s Sake” was released in November 2008 and has been followed by four additional true crime event books with more in the works. Jan divides her days between writing and riding and does both with the passion she is well known for.

Visit Jan online at her website.

Now, a little about her book, "Oh For God's Sake."

Kathleen Heckertt was born into a life of abuse & neglect. With a manipulative monster for a father and a mother with no backbone, Kate faces deception at every turn.

A secret held by her mother only complicates living with a father who plays physical, emotional & mental games with this child. Like all children, Kate seeks only parental love.

Regardless of her destructive environment, she must make a decision. Her choice will determine the path her life takes as she fights to gain control of her feelings toward God and society.

With twists & turns that seem too painful to face, Oh, For God's Sake will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author aptly portrays experiences from her own life, leaving readers begging the question..."How can Kate ever survive?"

How long ago did you write OFGS?
It took me about six months and that was between the sweaty palms and fits of crying. In my Acknowledgments, I thanked my husband for standing by me as well as standing clear as I went through the painful task of reliving some painful moments of my childhood. Now days I can write the same amount of words in almost half the time.

What was your publishing experience like with OFGS?
I sent out two...yes only two query letters because I was so sure that it was a winner! Well, I waited and waited...publishers take their time! But after three months of nail biting I received an email and a package within moments of each other from a publisher that was interested in publishing my book. The founder of that company included a letter with the contract that in part stated..."You do not sound at all like a first time writer." Then he went on to explain that they receive well over 100k MS a year and they only make offers to 6-9% of the authors. They accepted my MS because...they viewed it as being "Marketable."

Most writers fail to recognize that publishers are not there to make them famous or make them money. The publisher wants to make the bucks!

What did you do to promote your work? (What worked, what didn’t)
I found that making hundreds of calls to the smaller bookstores myself worked. It took time but it paid off especially when I represented the local area as an author. I also contacted groups and schools that might find my book to be of benefit.

Where can we find the book?
Oh, For God's Sake can be found online at many of the booksellers that sell at a discount...or at local bookstores. The last time I checked, Borders and Barnes & Noble were both out of stock...which is good!

Was this your first experience publishing your work?

Oh, For God's Sake was my first published book. Since then I have three other books available.

Lost in Plain Sight that will be re-published in 2011

The Beaten Path - for Marilyn Bloodworth released in 2010

Doors Locked Backwards – for Jamillah Roberts being released in 2011
When I’m not writing a novel I’ve been keeping busy by writing e-books and other short projects

What made you decide to go into ghost writing?
To be honest, it was for the income…at first but once I realized that I had a writing style that was unique, I stopped ghostwriting in the true sense of the word and started asking that my name appear on the cover along with the storyteller. I no longer wanted to be the GHOST that no one ever recognized. Not everyone can make that jump but it’s always worth the attempt!

What has that experience been like?
Well, once I got that “lucky break” I’d been waiting for…of being recognized for my style…I acquired a Publicist and from there the road has been sooooooo much smoother.

Any advice to give to writers thinking of going into the ghost writing business?
My advice to all writers is JUST DO IT! Meaning…just keep writing everyday! Get at least 2000 words down every day! With time, you’ll start picking up gigs that will get your name and talent out there. Don’t plan on staying ghostwriters…go for the moon! Hey, in this business, there’s a lot of space to climb when you’re good!

What is your “routine” for writing?
That’s my other strong advice to writers! Discipline yourself!!! The more you write, the faster you’ll advance and get better jobs. I treat writing as a FULL TIME JOB! You can’t cheat because the only person you wind up cheating is yourself!

What other advice would you like to pass along?
I’ve been helping others with their MS and their story ideas and the one thing I keep running into is the desire to write when there’s really no talent. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but everyone has a story but not everyone can write. Writing is much like singing or dancing. You can learn only so much and the rest is up to you to develop.

In the end, some people will never make it into the final five on American Idol. The same goes for the way the brain works when people write. Some can and some will just be able to do it for their own pleasure and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The rub comes when they start complaining that publishers have no taste or don’t know a good MS when they see it.

No publisher is going to spend even a second longer when they spot typos and grammatical and syntax errors in a MS.

Writers need to take a course in writing. Writers Conventions are great for this info. Too many writers get their information from movies and TV…bad idea and it’s not realistic! Publishers never call you or offer you a hefty check when you’re an unknown writer! It just doesn’t happen that way.

Publishers do this as a living so we must give credit where credit’s due. Be realistic when it comes to your talent! If the rejections keep coming…take a class or find help but don’t blame the publisher! They need to read only the first paragraph or your MS to decide whether it’s a keeper or not. Remember, they get thousands of MSS in the mail every day. So, if your story starts out boring…it’s HELLO TRASH CAN!

There are a lot of talented writers out there and my five suggestions to them are:



3. GET QUALIFIED HELP IF NEEDED (not your neighbor or sibling who’s never written anything but their name)

4. FIND A PUBLICIST (Yes, they’re expensive but their worth their weight in gold)


Thank you Jan for stopping back in.  Congratulations and continued success in your writing career! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: "Total Law of Attraction," by Dr. David Che

We’ve all seen The Secret, and have done our best to put The Secret into action. And I’m sure it’s working its magic in your life in some positive way. It’s all good!

But, it gets better. Dr. David Che has given us the missing steps in “Total Law of Attraction.” If you’ve been doing all the visualizations, the staying positive, the dreaming of the future, and yet you still seem to be hitting road blocks, it’s because you’re not working the “whole plan.”

In easy, step by step instructions, Dr. Che gives us the missing pieces, without confusing us with quantum physics or mystical metaphors. Plain English, easy to understand and even easier to put into action.

And action is what we want! We all want to live the lives of our dreams. With Dr. Che’s book, “Total Law of Attraction,” you will be on your way!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christopher Craven stopped by Page Readers for a few questions about his latest book "October Sun."

Author Christopher Craven answered a few questions about his newest book "October Sun."

Welcome Christopher! 

Start us off with a little background on you.

I grew up the scrawny middle child in a semi-liberal family in Phoenix, Arizona. From the time I was able to write my own name, I knew that I was destined to write for the world. Thank goodness my mother handed me my first adult novel in junior high. I prefer to write erotic romance that explores the love between kindred spirits and romantic suspense. I also enjoy barefoot strolls along the beach, but can most often be found roaming the Eastern Colorado plateaus when I’m not writing or working my daytime job in retail. Your readers can find me on Facebook at and online at or they can email me at

What is October Sun about?

The backcover sums it up best:

Love is the strongest force in the universe…

Defense attorney Miles Turner seems to have it all. At the height of his game professionally, he’s just been hired to defend a famous L.A. party boy’s less than stellar reputation, a case that stands to earn Miles a small fortune. And to top it off, his love life isn’t bad either. Even the headache he can’t seem to shake isn’t strong enough to overpower the tenderness he has for his partner. Miles Turner is finally happy.

Landon Black is living a life beyond his dreams. Finishing his degree towards a career he’s always wanted, Landon might spend his days studying, but his nights are filled with the one thing he can’t live without--love. Even the thought of spending a weekend at the upcoming Black family reunion with his less than tolerant father isn't enough to extinguish the excitement Landon feels at the reality of a getaway trip with his lover.

But it can be taken away in an instant…

As members of the “Black Pack” come together in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado at Lake Alexander, no-one can see what’s looming ahead-- an event with consequences so severe it stands to alter all of their lives forever.

Prepared with nothing but his integrity and a heart full of hope, Miles is praying for a miracle while Landon, forced to play a high stakes game of life-or-death, is asking himself if the love he has is enough to offer.

How did this story come to you?

Well I was at the mall and I spotted a gay couple that fit the description of Miles Turner and Landon Black, then I started running into idea after idea. I wondered what was going on in their minds, what kind of life they lived, what jobs they held. By the time I sat down to do a small plot outline, I had a great story mapped out. I dug deeper into my characters heads and listened to what my characters were saying and a great story came to life.

What compelled you to write it?

There are a couple of messages hidden between the lines that were influences from my personal life.

Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character is Landon Black. He is married to a defense attorney, Miles Turner, who is the other leading character. One of the reasons I like Landon most is his attitude. When he gets upset, the drama unfolds through each screeching angst filled statement. In ‘October Sun’ he is called on trying out for the Los Angeles Dodgers pitching staff, because with Landon Black, it’s no holds barred.

What was your favorite scene to write?

My favorite scene to write was the family reunion at Landon Black’s family ranch on the Grand Mesa wedged in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. In these scenes, I introduce some important characters that play out through the second half as well as I have written a family dinner scene that I’m certain everybody should be able to relate to in some form or another. There’s also a spot in those scenes that describe the book cover just perfectly.

How long did it take you to write the story?

“October Sun” took at least six months to be in completion.

When will it be released?

“October Sun” releases on January 11th from Rebel Ink Press. Your readers can check it and some other great titles out at their website: .

How is it available?
It will be available as an e-book then released in a print anthology with the next two titles in the series, February Kin and December Man, in late 2011.

Where can we find it online, or if print, where?

October Sun will be available at ARe, , Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, , and a few other fine e-retailers.

What was your publishing experience like?
I submitted to Rebel Ink Press via a call for submissions on Facebook. I wouldn’t trade traditional publishing for anything. The amount of exposure and presentation is much greater than that of a self-published book. Another positive aspect to traditional publishing would be the quality of editing. There’s nothing better than having a polished manuscript.

Where else can we find you online?
People can reach me at my website and on Facebook at:

I also love to receive comments from readers. They can email me at:

Do you have any other upcoming publicity events?

I plan on having a release party via Facebook that will point interested acquaintances to the appropriate purchase links and websites. If your readers are interested in joining me on Facebook, please direct them to so they will see a link to the event.

Thank you Christopher, for stopping by.  Congratulation on the release of your book!

Thank you Nanci for having me and I look forward to giving your readers something new and romantic to read.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"After All These Years" is a story of Faith and Fate

If you like stories that explore the workings of fate, you'll love "After All These Years."

Trish Edmisten gives us characters with issues, past and present, and without losing us in too much detail still gives readers insight into why her characters do what they do.

She also reveals to us the working of fate in her characters lives, how their first meeting set the stage for so many events still to come.  Even though life took them down different paths, they needed to go in those opposite directions to become the person the other would fall in love with.

Another book I couldn't put down.  The story was engaging, that characters real, their story heartfelt. 

This is one of four books Trish has published.  I haven't read the others - YET.  But I can say that "After All These Years" has made me a fan of Trish Edmisten.

Visit Trish online at

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nancy Lee Canfield shares her troubled life in "A Rose for My Mother"

I really enjoyed "A Rose for My Mother," by Nancy Lee Canfield.

First, was her style of writing.  To the point, without a lot of fluff - or over use of words.  Period. 

Second, was the story itself.  Even though most of the events of this book took place in the early half of the last century, it's something we can all relate to - and should do our best to remember it.  In today's world we forget so easily how hard times were not so long ago.

Some of you might recognize Nancy from her work as a "Sensitive," someone who can see into the spirit world.  When I first started reading the book, I expected the story to be more about those experiences than about her childhood.  But I was drawn in by the stories of her life, because again, the story is so well written.

After reading this book, I'm wondering if Nancy has others in the works, focusing more on her experiences with the spirit world.  Given her style of writing, and the things she has probably experienced, I'm sure it would make for another great read.

Visit Nancy online at