Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Promotion ala Carte


Page Readers has partnered with Aggie Villanueva and Visual Arts Junction to continue helping authors and others who offer services and products to "Launch" their work.

If you have written a book, offer a product or service of any kind and you need the promotional leg work done to get the word out, Promotional ala Carte could be what you are looking for.

There are many promotion companies out there who offer all kinds of services.  The problem is that their cost can be prohibitive to people who are on tight budgets. It's a bit of a Catch 22:  You know you have a great book, product or service, and once people start hearing about it you believe it will sell.  The problem is getting that word out without spending the fortune you hope to make!

Promotional ala Carte offers a solution by giving clients a menu of options to chose from, all moderately priced.  Start small by choosing one or two promotional products which will get you found in search engines or people talking in Social Media about you.  Or chose a Bundle Package that will create even more excitement and name recognition.

And for a limited time, get your promotional items at a 30% discount - through July 31st. 

Read more about Promotion ala Carte by clicking here.

Spotlight Author Interview

I've been on vacation this week!  With no new interviews this past week, I thought I would share an interview from about a year ago.

Julia DeVillers and Hillary Homzie joined me to discuss their latest books that became the first in the Justice Book Club series that was offered by the 'tween clothing store.

Julia's book, "Liberty Porter, First Daughter", is about a 9 year old girl who has to go through some big changes when her dad gets a new job - as President of the United States.  It's a fun story, and Julia had even more fun writing it.  Julia has authors several other books and her book "How My Private Personal Journal was turned into a Bestseller" that was turned into the Disney Channel Movie, "Read it and Weep".

Hillary Homzie also joined us to talk about her book "Thing Are Gonna Get Ugly", which was also chosen to be part of the Justice Book Club.  Her story is about a young girl that takes the opportunity to transform herself into the ultra-popular Taffeta when her family moves across the country.  The story gets interesting when the web Taffeta has created for herself becomes tangles and she has to make some tough choices. 

I had a lot of fun talking with Julia and Hillary.  It was one of the first interviews I did with two authors as my guests.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

John Walker discusses "Freedom's Call" on Page Readers

Author John Walker joined me on Page Readers to talk about his latest release "Freedom's Call".

A man who considers himself a Patriot, and doing his best to keep tabs on the political happenings of our country, John Walker has written a fictional story that really isn't too far from the truth - of what could happen.

If you are someone who believes in Civic Duty, getting involved and holding our elected officials accountable, I highly recommend reading "Freedom's Call".  Again, as a fictional story, you will be surprised at just how close our country is to this kind of thing coming true. 

Visit Johns' official website.  Buy the book - and get involved!

Greg Lilly author of "Scalping at Red Rocks" on Page Readers

Greg joined me on Page Readers to discuss his latest story "Scalping at Red Rocks".

I liked this story - "Scalping at Red Rocks" - mainly because it's set in Sedona, Arizona.  Greg tells a great story of murder in the small town, while creating a great cast of characters that, if you've been to Sedona, you will see are not to far fetched.  People like his characters really do exist in Sedona.

What's even more fun about this book, is that Greg has brought together the characters from his past novels into this story.  Derek Mason, his main character is also in "Fingering the Family Jewels".  Two other characters from Scalping are from his book "Devils Bridge", and there is even a small reference to a character from his novel "Under a Copper Moon". 

Visit Gregs' website and be sure to check out his Merchandise Page - he's got some great stuff there!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shells Walter and her new book "Dead Practices" on Page Readers

Shells Walter joined me today on Page Readers to talk about her latest release "Dead Practices" the story of a zombie attorney who finds himself in a dilemma of, well, human proportions. 

Shells is a talented story teller who puts corkscrew twists into her stories.  As you're going along, you might think you know what's going to happen - then all of a sudden you're hanging off a cliff wondering how the heck she did that!

Find out more about this incredibly talented author at her official website and buy her books at Sonar 4 Publications. 

Gregg Seeley author of "Big Bobby Boom!" on Page Readers

Author Gregg Seeley joined me on Page Readers to talk about his newest book "Big Bobby Boom! And the Marble Mayhem", the story of two unlikely heros who take on the town bullies. 

Greg writes with obvious passion about his characters.  Based on his own childhood memories, some real and some wished for, he tells us a great story.  I loved the way he describes his bullies - you can't help but laugh!

He's got a second Big Bobby Boom book in the works, so stay tuned - there is more to come! Buy the book here!

Greg is all over the web.  You can find him at Author Nation, Good Reads, Chapters Inidgo, Authors DenYoung Adult Books Central, Writer Face, Moosehide Books, and follow him at Twitter.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sharon Rose talks about her work as a Digital Author

Author Sharon Rose joined me on Page Readers to talk about her work "Space & Time" and "Swords and Sigils".

Sharon shares her work at her website, for FREE!  I recommend you take a trip over to her site and read her work.  Sharon writes Science Fiction - Fantasy, and creates incredibly wonderful characters, cultures, worlds and stories.  Some of her stories are 15 years in the making! (Talk about persistence!)

When asked if she's thought of turning her work into a novella or novel, she says she's working on it.  Since the stories are out there for free, she is working on additional content that will make buying to book worth it.

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas author and editor on Page Readers

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas joined me on Page Readers to discuss her latest novella "In The Cards" and her work as an Editor with Lyrical Press.

First, the new story.  "In The Cards" is a sexy - very sexy - story of two long time friends who finally take their relationship to the next level.  This is not a story for those with weak hearts!  Steamy, sexy, HOT - Cynthia can tell a story like no other.  It is all in the DETAILS!

Cynthia's other works include "Kissing Trick", which is a full length novel, and another novella "Doggone But Not Forgotten".  Doggone is a charity book; the proceeds go to It's Meow Or Never Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

We also talked about her work as an Editor with Lyrical Press.  Her best advice for authors: Join a Crtitque Group.  Make sure your work is polished and ready for the publisher before submitting it!  I have to agree - there is nothing more frustrating than reading what could be a great story but is so poorly edited it is impossible to enjoy.

Read more about Cynthia and her work - her own and the stories she edits with Lyrical - on her blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mark Carlos McGinty "The Cigar Maker" on Page Readers

Mark Carlos McGinty joined me on Page Readers to talk about his latest epic "The Cigar Maker". 

This is a story based on the real history of the Cuban Cigar industry, the struggles of the Cuban people against the powers of Spain, and the gritty underwold that goes along with all of it.  Woven into this is Marks fictional tale of his characters that are based on his own ancestors as told to him by his grandfather.

Included in this book are maps and pictures that give the reader an even deeper emotional connection to the story. 

Read more about Mark and his novel "The Cigar Maker" at his website The Cigar Maker.net Be sure to check out his upcoming events - and the Photo Gallery!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tom Rider talks about his book "Lost In Plain Sight, The Tayna Rider Story" on Page Readers

Hopefully you will never be in the position Tom Rider found himself in the fall of 2007.

His wife, Tayna, had been missing for two days, and yet the police would not allow him to file a missing persons report - because she didn't fit the criteria. 

Tom joined me today to talk about the book "Lost In Plain Sight", which is his story of what it was like to be the target of a police investigation while his wife went missing for 8 days, trapped in her wrecked car just off the road that Tom traveled past on a daily basis.

Cindy Bradford talks about "Promises Kept" on Page Readers

Cindy Bradford joined me to discuss her lastest novel "Promises Kept"

"Promises Kept" is the second installment of Cindy Bradford's series, continuing the story of "Keeping Faith".

"Keeping Faith" is a love story, about Patrick O'Brien, a man who suffers at the hands of the church and then finds redemption in the love of a woman who forces him to reveal his secrets.  "Promises Kept" continues that story with Patricks daughter Faith becoming an attorney who takes on the people who damaged her father.

Cindy is currently working on a third novel in which she will tell the story of human trafficking and the struggle of the human spirit. 

Visit her official website to find out more!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Changes At Page Readers

Hello to all of my guests, past and future, and to the fans of Page Readers.

As Page Readers continues to grow, changes are inevitable.  All of the changes that are made are done with YOU - my guests- in mind. 

Page Readers was created to help authors of all genres gain more exposure to their work. To do that I have to keep up with technology and the massive growth of Social Media, which itself has been an exciting experience!

Some of you are reading this blog post via a "news feed" that I've set up with Feed Blitz.  I hope you allow me to continue sending you these updates, which should come no more than once a week.  I also hope you share these updates with your own fans and writer friends.  Remember - the more exposure for Page Readers, the more exposure for my guests - which includes YOU!

Some of you are already fans of Page Readers on Facebook - THANK YOU!  But, you may have also figured out that Facebook has changed the way the fan pages work.  I can no longer invite people to become a fan, instead you can "like" the group.  If you know how to get around this, please let me know!  I had just started the group when the system changed!

I've added a "Follower" section to the blog, which you can see is growing. Yeah!  I've also added a Calendar Page, so you can see who is scheduled, separate pages for some of the publishers who have been kind enough to share Page Readers with their authors and a page for Recommended Author Services.  I hope you take the time to browse through it.  I appreciate all of your comments and feed back. 

And, I'm on Twitter, learning how to use this incredibly powerful marketing tool  If you want to learn more about using Twitter, stay tuned - Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be joining me in July to discuss her book that will teach you how to master this micro-blogging craze.  Follow me @NanciArvizu - and follow Carolyn at @FrugalBookPromo.

THANK YOU ALL for making Page Readers so much fun and for being part of the amazing growth it has experienced.  I am currently booking 10-15 author interviews A MONTH, and the calendar is full through August.  Amazing!  There are already a few shows booked as far in advance as December 2010!

For a while there I was thinking it was time to start charging authors for the services Page Readers provides (and I appreciate the input I received from the people I talked with!).  After careful thought I've decided to keep Page Readers a FREE service to authors.  However I have added a donation button to the Blog.  Unfortunately some of the services I use for Page Readers are not free, but I felt they were the best way to promote the authors I interview. So if you've enjoyed your experience with Page Readers, I hope you feel it worthy of a donation - THANK YOU!

I am looking forward to the future of Page Readers and to the continued success of all of you - the wonderfully talented authors who have made this experience so incredible.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing!

Ja'Nese Dixon on Page Readers

Ja'Nese Dixon joined me on Page Readers to discuss her newest novel "Black Diamond", the story of an FBI Agent working under cover trying to expose a ring of thieves in the Diamond Industry.

Set in Houston, where Ms. Dixon resides, she weaves quite a tale of truth, lies and love.  Visit her official website to learn more about this author and her first novel!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nikki Leigh talks about Book Promotion on Page Readers

This was one interview that could have gone on a lot longer.  Because Page Readers is all about promoting the work of our guests, having publicist Nikki Leigh bring her experience as a publicist to our listeners was definitely a treat.

Nikki Leigh of Book Promotion Services discussed the importance of using the internet to gain market share and awareness of your work.  She also stressed that it takes diligence to make it happen.  If you think that you can just create a website and a Fan Page on Facebook and think that people will come flocking to see what it's all about, your are so wrong.  Promoting your work takes work, every day, to keep your name climbing the search engine ladders.

Working with a publicist helps authors by saving them time and money. Why go and try to recreate the wheel when it's all been done before - and is being done very well by professionals like Nikki.  With her team  of talent combining their efforts to promote your work, why would you want to go it alone?

Hear what Nikki has to say about Book Promotion Services.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weston Locher discusses his book Musings on Minutiae

Weston Locher joined me today to discuss his book Musings on Minutiae, a collection of funny essays about Weston's life, from childhood to the work place, and his home life with his cats.

  I had the opportunity to read this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I could really relate to the stories of his childhood, like he said, we all had crazy parents!  My favorite story, "Splitting Wood, and Other Chores I Never Volunteered For".  OK, while I've never used a wood splitter, I have handled a chain saw (at a young age) and spent many a weekend doing other chores that had the potential to separate me from my limbs.

Telling the stories of our lives is one thing when you're sitting around with friends, laughing and having a good time.  Weston is able to take those verbal stories and put them to paper with what seems to be the greatest of ease.  He is definitely a talented writer and story teller - and he has an equally talented and wonderful editor - his mother!

And right now Amazon is running a special on his book if you are lucky enough to own a Kindle.  Kindle versions of his book are just .99 CENTS!  Get one ASAP!

Be sure to visit his website too.  Weston has a lot of his stories posted there and even shares some tips on how to market your own books.  Having gone the self-publishing route, he's had to be author and publicist and has done a great job in getting the word out about his book.

Beverly Flaxington TV Debut on The Balancing Act

So exciting!

Beverly Flaxington, author of "Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior", will be making her TV debut on "The Balancing Act" on Lifetime TV, Thursday June 10th at 7:00-8 AM EST. & PST., 6:00-7AM CST.

Beverly was my guest on Page Readers a few months back to discuss her book - and now look!  She's on TV! 

Congratulations Beveryly on your continued success!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Authors of PHP Anthology Silver Moon Bloody Bullets joined me on Page Readers

What a great interview today!  I think this was a record for the number of authors calling in and the number of people participating in the chat room. 

Today I talked with some of the talented authors who participated in the latest release from Pill Hill Press, "Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets, An Anthology of Werewolf Tails". 

Jessica Weiss, editor of this collection joined me first to talk about her role in putting this book together.  She had to read through over 200 submissions and make the hard decision as to which ones would make it into this book.  From 200 to 25, and she tells us that it was not easy!  There were so many great stories that there is talk of a Book 2.

Read more about the book at Pill Hill Press

A few of the authors who joined us on the show today:

D. Nathan Hilliard...Horror, fantasy, and house-husbandry - a renaissance man for the 21st century. He lives in North Houston with his wife, kids, and cats...while trying to craft the perfect short story. Nathan was also my guest on Page Readers to discuss his novel "The Ways of Khrem".

Scott M. Sandridge learned how to write through hard work, trial-and-error, and the occasional writers' workshops. His fiction has appeared in Mindflights, Ray Gun Revival, Silver Blade, Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder), and The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine, & Death. His story, “Sleep Paralysis,” was a top ten finisher in the 2008 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for the category of Short Story – Horror.

Carl Hose lives in Georgia with his wife Marcee and their children. His work includes short horror stories, a novel, and four screenplays. Links to his work can be found at his website, Writer's Inkwell

J. Leigh Bailey resides in Chicago, IL. When she's not writing, she's reading. She loves the paranormal and prefers it when the monsters are good, the princes are evil and the ending are happy. The shortstory "Runaway" in the book Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets: an Anthology of Werewolf Tales is her first published work. She can be found at http://www.storiesofthedrakon.blogspot.com/

Ever since she was young, author Kiki Howell has loved to listen to a well-woven tale with real characters, inspired plots, and delightful resolutions. Kiki could spend hours lost in a book, and soon she knew that creating lives, loves, and losses with just words had to be the greatest thing that she could do. To that end, she pursued her study of literature and writing, earning a bachelor’s degree in English.
Kiki is now a multi-published author of magical romances, both sensual and erotic, with such publishers as Pill Hill Press, Whiskey Creek Press and eXcessica Publishing. She resides in the Midwest with her incredibly handsome and talented, singer/songwriter husband and two children. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her family, reading, baking or knitting.

Kelly Metz enjoys reading, writing, photography, her family and annoying her baby brother, who, while younger, is now over a foot taller than her and can punch much harder than when he was little. She spends her free time engaging in various torture activities, demon summonings, zombie raisings and spell casting. And writing when she gets bored with those. While having grown up at the Jersey Shore (yes, THAT Jersey Shore), she currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband who's thinks he's thirteen, her retired father and twelve pets (two dogs, one cat, two snakes, five turtles and two step-children. Don't worry; the kids don't sleep in the cages. Much.)

Fantastic job everyone!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Publicity 101, By Publicists Sabrina Sumsion

What are you doing to gain publicity for your book? If you are a smart author, you are engaged in many activities that will inform the general public that your book exists. Since publicity is a term many people have heard but don’t really understand, here is a short introduction.

Publicity is free coverage of your book or yourself in the media. Anything that will increase the public’s awareness is considered publicity. Advertising in a media outlet such as a newspaper ad or television commercial is a good way to gain public awareness as well but I always encourage authors to pursue free routes first.

You want publicity to gain the public awareness but as you gain awareness, you need to overcome the “who cares?” factor. The public in general has so much information coming at them all the time, many people develop filters to block out the extra noise. As you strive for publicity, keep in mind that you need to deliver information the general public wants.

To overcome the “who care?” factor, you must either educate, entertain or enlighten your audience. Education benefits your audience by giving them tools or information to improve their lives. Everyone wants a break from time to time so provide that for your audience by entertaining them. Enlighten your audience by giving them information of which they were not aware. Content that educates, entertains of enlightens will get attention and gain you public awareness.

The main outlets of publicity include physical print, broadcast, internet, face-to-face and word of mouth. Each form of publicity has its benefits and draw backs. As you pursue publicity, take into consideration what you are comfortable with and have the required skills to pursue.

Physical print includes newspapers, magazines, postcards and printed newsletters. Newspapers have editorial line-ups that vary from a lead time of one week up to one month. They typically keep a few spaces open for breaking news. Before contacting a print publication, have a high resolution headshot and cover shot available. I find the best way to gain coverage is to offer an article free of charge. Make sure the content is valuable and matches a topic the publication’s audience would be interested in.

Broadcast media includes radio and television. It is a signal sent out to everyone in the reception range. The audiences can range from a few thousands to millions of people. For these two media, you need to have a reasonable gift of gab. If you have speech impediments, radio coverage certainly should not be seriously pursued. Television has the ability to write subtitles but they still need a really compelling hook to consider you if you have a speech impediment.

Radio wants information that people can hear and understand. If you have a visual message like how to ice a cake fancily, it is difficult to explain on the radio. Choose information that is easy to convey through words alone. To help radio be interested in you, have a sample radio interview posted somewhere online that you can refer radio hosts to hear some of your message and how you deliver your message.

Television loves information that is visual. They prefer information that can be conveyed in pictures and graphs. They like a pleasant appearance as well. If you want television coverage, you want to have a tape of you doing an interview as well as a high resolution headshot ready.

Internet publicity has many varied facets. You can post articles, build a website, join a social networking site, post videos and link audio files. All of these options are good for everyone seeking publicity. For the very beginner, build a website first. It is a vital part of online publicity. You need somewhere to direct all of your fans and this should be the place. Once you have that, look into social networking sites like linkedin.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, squidoo.com and myspace.com. After that, consider a book trailer or a video of yourself posted to youtube.com. When you are working on the more advanced social media, remember to direct people back to your website. If you are not technologically talented, you can hire people to help you handle this side of publicity.

Face-to-face publicity includes book signings, book festivals and any other event that you attend. In fact, you can garner face-to-face publicity standing in line at the grocery store. Anytime you are interacting with people in person, you are gaining publicity. Join clubs, attend sports events and whatever you can think of that gets you out and talking to people. If you are shy or afraid of groups this might be difficult for you.

Word of mouth publicity is the much sought after grand prize in publicity. When you offer value to people above and beyond what others are doing, they will talk about you. I call word of mouth publicity developing personal ambassadors. You want to please people enough that they send other people to you. My mother is a Stephenie Meyers personal ambassador. Everyone she interacts with will end up hearing how they MUST read the Twilight series.

You have many options for publicity so decide what you are comfortable doing and start there. If you need help or guidance, le me know. I love helping authors!

Sabrina Sumsion is a seasoned literary publicist who has worked with a broad range of authors and genres. Her goal is to educate all authors about how to give their books the best chance possible by creating a marketing plan and gaining publicity. For more information and to contact Sabrina Sumsion, please visit her website at www.sabrinasumsion.com.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lanaia Lee joins me on Page Readers to discuss "Skulls of Salvation"

Lanaia Lee joined me on Page Readers to talk about her latest release, "The Skulls of Salvation". If you love a good Myan Mystery, this one is for you.

Lanaia is also a host at Blog Talk Radio, with her show "Whispers in the Dark". Her co-host Viktor Aurelius reads some of her "Dark Poetry" - tune in, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

The Skulls of Salvation is the second book in a 5-book series, the first being "Of Atlantis", and follows her main character, Damien, successor to the powerful Archimedes, and his wife, Ionna as the battle against the forces of evil that threaten to end civilization as we know it.  I especially like that Lanaia incorporates some of her poetry into this story.

Visit her official website and connect with this incredibly talented author!

Martin T Ingham talks about his latest release "The Guns of Mars"

Another great interview today on Page Readers with my guest Martin T. Ingham who shared with us his latest novel, "The Guns of Mars".

Martin is a fantastic story teller, bringing together his talent of writing good technical details and using real scientific data gathered by Nasa to place this story on Mars. He also brings back one of his favorite characters from past stories, Morgan Asher and puts him into yet another fast paced adventure.

Visit the official Martin T. Ingham website to learn more about "The Guns of Mars", and all of Martins work.

Thank you Martin, for joining me on Page Readers!