Monday, June 14, 2010

More Changes At Page Readers

Hello to all of my guests, past and future, and to the fans of Page Readers.

As Page Readers continues to grow, changes are inevitable.  All of the changes that are made are done with YOU - my guests- in mind. 

Page Readers was created to help authors of all genres gain more exposure to their work. To do that I have to keep up with technology and the massive growth of Social Media, which itself has been an exciting experience!

Some of you are reading this blog post via a "news feed" that I've set up with Feed Blitz.  I hope you allow me to continue sending you these updates, which should come no more than once a week.  I also hope you share these updates with your own fans and writer friends.  Remember - the more exposure for Page Readers, the more exposure for my guests - which includes YOU!

Some of you are already fans of Page Readers on Facebook - THANK YOU!  But, you may have also figured out that Facebook has changed the way the fan pages work.  I can no longer invite people to become a fan, instead you can "like" the group.  If you know how to get around this, please let me know!  I had just started the group when the system changed!

I've added a "Follower" section to the blog, which you can see is growing. Yeah!  I've also added a Calendar Page, so you can see who is scheduled, separate pages for some of the publishers who have been kind enough to share Page Readers with their authors and a page for Recommended Author Services.  I hope you take the time to browse through it.  I appreciate all of your comments and feed back. 

And, I'm on Twitter, learning how to use this incredibly powerful marketing tool  If you want to learn more about using Twitter, stay tuned - Carolyn Howard-Johnson will be joining me in July to discuss her book that will teach you how to master this micro-blogging craze.  Follow me @NanciArvizu - and follow Carolyn at @FrugalBookPromo.

THANK YOU ALL for making Page Readers so much fun and for being part of the amazing growth it has experienced.  I am currently booking 10-15 author interviews A MONTH, and the calendar is full through August.  Amazing!  There are already a few shows booked as far in advance as December 2010!

For a while there I was thinking it was time to start charging authors for the services Page Readers provides (and I appreciate the input I received from the people I talked with!).  After careful thought I've decided to keep Page Readers a FREE service to authors.  However I have added a donation button to the Blog.  Unfortunately some of the services I use for Page Readers are not free, but I felt they were the best way to promote the authors I interview. So if you've enjoyed your experience with Page Readers, I hope you feel it worthy of a donation - THANK YOU!

I am looking forward to the future of Page Readers and to the continued success of all of you - the wonderfully talented authors who have made this experience so incredible.

Keep Reading, Keep Writing!

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