Monday, June 21, 2010

Gregg Seeley author of "Big Bobby Boom!" on Page Readers

Author Gregg Seeley joined me on Page Readers to talk about his newest book "Big Bobby Boom! And the Marble Mayhem", the story of two unlikely heros who take on the town bullies. 

Greg writes with obvious passion about his characters.  Based on his own childhood memories, some real and some wished for, he tells us a great story.  I loved the way he describes his bullies - you can't help but laugh!

He's got a second Big Bobby Boom book in the works, so stay tuned - there is more to come! Buy the book here!

Greg is all over the web.  You can find him at Author Nation, Good Reads, Chapters Inidgo, Authors DenYoung Adult Books Central, Writer Face, Moosehide Books, and follow him at Twitter.

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