Friday, June 25, 2010

Greg Lilly author of "Scalping at Red Rocks" on Page Readers

Greg joined me on Page Readers to discuss his latest story "Scalping at Red Rocks".

I liked this story - "Scalping at Red Rocks" - mainly because it's set in Sedona, Arizona.  Greg tells a great story of murder in the small town, while creating a great cast of characters that, if you've been to Sedona, you will see are not to far fetched.  People like his characters really do exist in Sedona.

What's even more fun about this book, is that Greg has brought together the characters from his past novels into this story.  Derek Mason, his main character is also in "Fingering the Family Jewels".  Two other characters from Scalping are from his book "Devils Bridge", and there is even a small reference to a character from his novel "Under a Copper Moon". 

Visit Gregs' website and be sure to check out his Merchandise Page - he's got some great stuff there!

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