Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nikki Leigh talks about Book Promotion on Page Readers

This was one interview that could have gone on a lot longer.  Because Page Readers is all about promoting the work of our guests, having publicist Nikki Leigh bring her experience as a publicist to our listeners was definitely a treat.

Nikki Leigh of Book Promotion Services discussed the importance of using the internet to gain market share and awareness of your work.  She also stressed that it takes diligence to make it happen.  If you think that you can just create a website and a Fan Page on Facebook and think that people will come flocking to see what it's all about, your are so wrong.  Promoting your work takes work, every day, to keep your name climbing the search engine ladders.

Working with a publicist helps authors by saving them time and money. Why go and try to recreate the wheel when it's all been done before - and is being done very well by professionals like Nikki.  With her team  of talent combining their efforts to promote your work, why would you want to go it alone?

Hear what Nikki has to say about Book Promotion Services.


  1. Great interview! Looking forward to mine!!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Me too, we'll have fun :)


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