Saturday, May 29, 2010

May was Sonar 4 Publications month on Page Readers

In May I had the opportunity to interview several Sonar 4 Publications authors about their work on Page Readers.

Sonar 4 Publications seeks out the unique author whose stories may have been passed over by the more, "faint of heart" publishers. Believe me, some of these story tellers have some twisted imaginations!

If you write science fiction horror that is of the twisted sort, check out Sonar 4 Publications.  You just might find the home for your book that you were looking for!

Here are links to the Sonar 4 Publications authors that joined me on Page Readers.

Eric S. Brown made a second appearance on Page Readers to discuss his latest release, "Bigfoot War".  For those of you who know Eric and his work, you will love this latest tale.  We've all heard the rumors and legends of Big Foot, as in there is "one" out there somewhere, and being around humans is the last thing this creature seems to want.  In Eric's tale, there is more than one, and the humans soon find out just how many there are...  I don't want to give away to much!

Michael Jodoin discussed his book "Holy Hell" and his work in film.  Having read "Holy Hell", I have to say, if you life "What If's" that deal with things we think we already know, then you're going to love Michaels story.  Visit Michaels author page on Sonar 4 to learn more about this talented author.

Brick Marlin, author of "Dark Places of Rest", joined us to give his insight into writing such twisted tales. The author of several books and short stories, it seems he never runs out of ideas for great stories. Hear his interview on Page Readers, and visit his author page on Sonar 4.

Author Dylan Morgan joined us all the way from Norway to talk about his novella, "October Rain", a futuristic sci-fi adventure that leaves you hanging!

Be sure to join us Wednesday June 2nd at 9:30 am when author Jason Bicko will be my guest on Page Readers to talk about his latest release "Alien Inc."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Traci Davis, author and Mommy Extraordinare joins me on Page Readers

Traci Davis has faced the trials and tribulations of life but through it all stays focused on the positive.

Traci joined me on Page Readers to talk about her life, her businesses and her newest book, "The Momma Guide".  Talking with Traci, her enthusiasim is obvious and infectious.  The book, co-authored with her best friend since childhood,   Vicki Holleman-Perez, The Momma Guide covers everything thinkable when it comes to raising children.  Starting with sound advice and things to think about before you get pregnant, all the way through the crazy teenage years, Traci and Vicki give honest, down to earth advice to anyone wanting to raise kids that make you proud.

Visit the website, The Momma Guide for more information about this book and other books written by Traci.  And be sure to stay tuned for more - Traci and Vicki have more books in the works!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Has Your Blog Helped Your Book or Business?

By Guest Blogger Yvonne Perry of Writers In The Sky

As authors trying to promote books on a shoestring budget, many of us have come up with some pretty creative ways to get the most bang for our buck. From social networking to online contests, from Amazon book launch parties to search engine optimization of Web sites, a lot of time, energy, and expense is involved in gaining good exposure for a book or business.

While nothing guarantees that your book will sell, having a good Web site, regular blogging, and cross promotion can give you credibility and a good chance for a sale.

This is not only true for book promotion but also for promoting a business online. My books are only part of what I have to offer and want to advertize. Most of the marketing for Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services—my freelance writing business—is conducted online. About 80 percent of my customers find me through my online promotion efforts. In order for a blog to be effective, it needs to have a theme or focus and it needs to have fresh relevant content added on a regular basis.

Web site

I have a Web site and a three blogs for my business. My Web site features the writing, editing, and marketing services we offer to clients. While only twelve navigation tabs are seen on the home page, there are about fifty back pages—each focusing on one topic. In my book, I demonstrate what a Web site needs to compete in the digital age (available at ).


Focusing on one theme/topic, my blogs have a distinct purpose that is easily discoverable when someone visits the site.

I started my first business blog as a place for people to listen to Writers in the Sky (WITS) Podcast—my weekly show about the craft and business of writing. The hosts of the podcast interview authors who want to promote their book and share their experience with writing, publishing, and marketing their book. We have also interviewed publishers, publicists, book reviewers, editors, book designers, and other experts in the field. All WITS Podcast shows are archived on that blog.

My second business blog is where I post segments of Writers in the Sky Newsletter—a free electronic publication that contains book reviews, articles, networking opportunities, announcements from our e-zine subscribers, a list of the month’s podcast guests, resources for writers and authors. The full issue comes out the first Tuesday of the month, but when I learned that many of our subscribers preferred to get the information in smaller bites, I started where people can subscribe to the RSS feed in a reader or via email.

I maintain a blog for each of my books and use the blogs to feature more information on the topic of the book and gain feedback from readers. The third business blog came about in 2008 as a result of my publishing an e-book titled Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy. With the most hits and subscribers, this is by far our most popular blog.

Cross Promotion

All my online marketing efforts interface with one another.

I mention my blogs and books in WITS Newsletter each month. I use the newsletter material as posts for my blog. This type of cross promotion and interaction draws people to one site and once they see how much valuable material is being offered, they want to visit my other blogs. I use social networking to lead folks to my blogs or to read my articles on an online directory.

Every page of my Web site is linked to another page on the site or to one of my blogs where more information can be found. For example on the home page, I have links to read bios of our team members and view writing samples. My “About Yvonne” page mentions that I am a public speaker and links to my speaking engagements page. Yet, none of these pages are found on the navigation menu tabs.

Online marketing is truly like a web with many crossovers in promotion.

Marketing Tips

Here are a few simple things to remember about online marketing.

• If you want to sell a product or service by using a blog or Web site, be sure to offer quality content rather than using hype to sell something. If the visitor wants what you are selling, they will purchase it without your having to get in their face.

• Make your product or service visible and easy for a customer to make a purchase.

• Develop a networking relationship with your target market, and be willing to help them as they help you. That is what being online is all about.

I wish you much success with your book promotion and business marketing.

Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer and the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (WITS). She and her team of professionals are ready to assist with writing and editing for books, Web text, bios, articles, and media releases. For more information about writing, networking, publishing, and book promotion, sign up for free email delivery of WITS newsletter by visiting . New subscribers receive a free e-book Tips for Freelance Writing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Page Readers on Good Reads

And the list grows! Page Readers continues to have some incredibly talented authors as guests which gives me the privledge of reading their work. I'm so grateful to all of my guests who share their work with me.

Check out my book shelves on Good Reads - and read some great stories by some incredibly talented authors!

Nanci's bookshelf: read

October RainThe Last StageMantis NightsThe 101 Things You Didn't Learn in Harvard Business SchoolHow the West Went to HellMy Love Eternal

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dylan Morgan talks with Page Readers

Today's guest on Page Readers was author Dylan Morgan.  We talked about his latest release "October Rain" from Sonar 4 Publications.

The interview sounds a little fuzzy - Dylan was calling from "across the pond" and using Skype - which usually sounds ok.  Maybe all that water had something to do with it?

Because we had scheduled his interview so far in advance, I had the chance to read his book - which was GOOD.  I am a sci-fi fan, and his story about a bounty hunter on Mars set far out into the future was just my kind of read! 

Dylan is good at character descriptions and setting the scene, getting us into the head of his main character.  I don't want to give to much away, but Dylan, if you are reading this, I really really REALLY hope you consider writing a part 2, a sequel, a trilogy of your man Steele. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 9th is Blog Jog Day

Hello Blog Joggers!

Thank you for stopping by my Blog! Please explore all this Blog has to offer, then jog on over to If you would like to visit a different Blog in the jog, go to”

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pill Hill Press Authors on Page Readers

I've had the wonderful opportunity to interview several talented authors respresented by Pill Hill Press.

Eric S Brown, who's Facebook Fan Page is "Eric S Brown Scares Me", has been my guest on Page Readers twice now, and we've already booked him for a third appearance coming in June.  In his first interview we talked about his novella "How the West Went to Hell".  Coming in June, we'll discuss his sci-fi novel "Kinaberra Down". 

Gerald Costlow joined me to disucss his novel "The Weaving".

Matthew Moses joined me to discuss his novel "Proxies of Fate"

Nye Joell Hardy joined me to discuss her novel "The Crows of Bedu"

And we had a group interview with the contributors to the anthology, "Ruthless, An Extreme Shock Horror Collection".  This was a lot of fun because we had editor Shane McKenzie and publisher Jessy Roberts with me, plus a couple of the authors.

I have more Pill Hill Press authors coming up so stay tuned!