Saturday, May 29, 2010

May was Sonar 4 Publications month on Page Readers

In May I had the opportunity to interview several Sonar 4 Publications authors about their work on Page Readers.

Sonar 4 Publications seeks out the unique author whose stories may have been passed over by the more, "faint of heart" publishers. Believe me, some of these story tellers have some twisted imaginations!

If you write science fiction horror that is of the twisted sort, check out Sonar 4 Publications.  You just might find the home for your book that you were looking for!

Here are links to the Sonar 4 Publications authors that joined me on Page Readers.

Eric S. Brown made a second appearance on Page Readers to discuss his latest release, "Bigfoot War".  For those of you who know Eric and his work, you will love this latest tale.  We've all heard the rumors and legends of Big Foot, as in there is "one" out there somewhere, and being around humans is the last thing this creature seems to want.  In Eric's tale, there is more than one, and the humans soon find out just how many there are...  I don't want to give away to much!

Michael Jodoin discussed his book "Holy Hell" and his work in film.  Having read "Holy Hell", I have to say, if you life "What If's" that deal with things we think we already know, then you're going to love Michaels story.  Visit Michaels author page on Sonar 4 to learn more about this talented author.

Brick Marlin, author of "Dark Places of Rest", joined us to give his insight into writing such twisted tales. The author of several books and short stories, it seems he never runs out of ideas for great stories. Hear his interview on Page Readers, and visit his author page on Sonar 4.

Author Dylan Morgan joined us all the way from Norway to talk about his novella, "October Rain", a futuristic sci-fi adventure that leaves you hanging!

Be sure to join us Wednesday June 2nd at 9:30 am when author Jason Bicko will be my guest on Page Readers to talk about his latest release "Alien Inc."

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