Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pill Hill Press Authors on Page Readers

I've had the wonderful opportunity to interview several talented authors respresented by Pill Hill Press.

Eric S Brown, who's Facebook Fan Page is "Eric S Brown Scares Me", has been my guest on Page Readers twice now, and we've already booked him for a third appearance coming in June.  In his first interview we talked about his novella "How the West Went to Hell".  Coming in June, we'll discuss his sci-fi novel "Kinaberra Down". 

Gerald Costlow joined me to disucss his novel "The Weaving".

Matthew Moses joined me to discuss his novel "Proxies of Fate"

Nye Joell Hardy joined me to discuss her novel "The Crows of Bedu"

And we had a group interview with the contributors to the anthology, "Ruthless, An Extreme Shock Horror Collection".  This was a lot of fun because we had editor Shane McKenzie and publisher Jessy Roberts with me, plus a couple of the authors.

I have more Pill Hill Press authors coming up so stay tuned!

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