Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas author and editor on Page Readers

Cynthia Brayden-Thomas joined me on Page Readers to discuss her latest novella "In The Cards" and her work as an Editor with Lyrical Press.

First, the new story.  "In The Cards" is a sexy - very sexy - story of two long time friends who finally take their relationship to the next level.  This is not a story for those with weak hearts!  Steamy, sexy, HOT - Cynthia can tell a story like no other.  It is all in the DETAILS!

Cynthia's other works include "Kissing Trick", which is a full length novel, and another novella "Doggone But Not Forgotten".  Doggone is a charity book; the proceeds go to It's Meow Or Never Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

We also talked about her work as an Editor with Lyrical Press.  Her best advice for authors: Join a Crtitque Group.  Make sure your work is polished and ready for the publisher before submitting it!  I have to agree - there is nothing more frustrating than reading what could be a great story but is so poorly edited it is impossible to enjoy.

Read more about Cynthia and her work - her own and the stories she edits with Lyrical - on her blog.

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