Thursday, January 6, 2011

"After All These Years" is a story of Faith and Fate

If you like stories that explore the workings of fate, you'll love "After All These Years."

Trish Edmisten gives us characters with issues, past and present, and without losing us in too much detail still gives readers insight into why her characters do what they do.

She also reveals to us the working of fate in her characters lives, how their first meeting set the stage for so many events still to come.  Even though life took them down different paths, they needed to go in those opposite directions to become the person the other would fall in love with.

Another book I couldn't put down.  The story was engaging, that characters real, their story heartfelt. 

This is one of four books Trish has published.  I haven't read the others - YET.  But I can say that "After All These Years" has made me a fan of Trish Edmisten.

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