Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nancy Lee Canfield shares her troubled life in "A Rose for My Mother"

I really enjoyed "A Rose for My Mother," by Nancy Lee Canfield.

First, was her style of writing.  To the point, without a lot of fluff - or over use of words.  Period. 

Second, was the story itself.  Even though most of the events of this book took place in the early half of the last century, it's something we can all relate to - and should do our best to remember it.  In today's world we forget so easily how hard times were not so long ago.

Some of you might recognize Nancy from her work as a "Sensitive," someone who can see into the spirit world.  When I first started reading the book, I expected the story to be more about those experiences than about her childhood.  But I was drawn in by the stories of her life, because again, the story is so well written.

After reading this book, I'm wondering if Nancy has others in the works, focusing more on her experiences with the spirit world.  Given her style of writing, and the things she has probably experienced, I'm sure it would make for another great read.

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