Thursday, March 18, 2010

Page Readers keeps growing!

2010 has started off with a Bang! It all started when I met author Lori Titus, who writes GREAT Science Fiction. After her interview on Page Readers, she shared the show with all of her author friends who started asking to be on the show. I went from doing 2-3 interviews a month to doing 13 in February. By the end of March I will have done 15 shows and April is filling up fast.

Getting to know all of these wonderfully talented authors has been such a pleasure. They are all interesting people with imaginations that take us along for the ride through their stories. And without Page Readers, I would have not met any of them or read their books.

Which is the purpose of Page Readers. To give the unknown, up and coming author a chance to share their stories with more people!

Help Page Readers spread the word about these incredibly talented authors. Become a follower of this blog and a fan of the show at Blog Talk Radio. At the Page Readers show page, use the share tools provided by Blog Talk Radio to share the show via Twitter, Facebook, email and a host of other social media links.

And, something new I've added to help promote my guests. I've begun writing Lens/Articles on Squidoo to share the authors work, the show and links to everything. Squidoo also provides social media share tools, so please share! You can "Tweet" it, post it to Facebook, rate the article and leave comments. Doing so not only promotes the article and the show, it helps my guests gain more exposure for their work.

Thank you for your continued support!

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