Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Android Author App is now available!

This is very exciting news - for authors and just about anyone selling anything online.

As we all know, the mobile market has exploded - and the way to reach this market is through a mobile app.

Until now, the cost of creating these apps has been expensive - meaning not everyone can afford to have one of their own.

But now, it's just become affordable!  My very good friend and mentor, Aggie Villanueva has created a template that anyone can use.  And she's got a programmer that will customize the template for you at an affordable price!

Click here to view more details

The iPhone App is coming soon!  Be sure to subscribe on Aggies sales page to be notified when the iPhone app is available.

Click here to view more details

You also get a cool QR code - this is Aggies, which currently only works for the Android market.  But when the iPhone app is ready, you'll have an iPhone QR code too!!!

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