Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nancy Lynn Jarvis author of "Buying Murder"

Author Nancy Lynn Jarvis stopped by Page Readers to discuss her latest work "Buying Murder."

The real estate market is a mess. What’s a Realtor® to do? One twenty year veteran of the industry, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, is writing murder mysteries set in Santa Cruz County instead of selling houses.“Real estate is an interesting business,” the author says. “The stress level involved in buying or selling a home ranks right after death and divorce. People reveal a lot about themselves during the process. The business attracts its share of colorful practitioners, too.” Their stories and Nancy’s experiences provide the settings where her realtor and part-time sleuth, Regan McHenry, works while she unravels mysteries. Find her online at
Nancy is one of those people who did something she dreamed of doing after someone told her she couldn't possibly succeed at it.  I love that kind of spirit!  Taking on that challenge has paid off in so many ways too.  Not only does she write wicked murder mysteries, she's reading them to a seniors group who hang on every word!

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