Thursday, November 18, 2010

Richard Buzzell author of "ZombieStop Parade"

Fun interview with Richard Buzzell author of ZombieStop Parade on Page Readers.

Richard Buzzell has an interesting sense of humor.  While we did talk about his latest book "Zombie Stop Parade," he also talked about a guest post he did for Joylene Butler on her blog, giving his take on a "Jersey Shore."  Funny stuff!

Back to his book.  ZombieStop Parade is written in diary form, which gave him a lot of room to write in a less formal style to tell his story.  I enjoyed how easy this was to read.  It's a short novella (164 pages on my iPad) and a good story, so I was able to get through it in a little more than an hour. 

During our talk on Page Readers, Richard said he wasn't working on anything new, yet.  I hope he gets back to more story telling, he's definitely got a talent for it! 

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