Friday, April 22, 2011

29 Days to...

Richard Fast has created a series of book, all designed to help you make changes in your life over the course of 29 days.

I had to opportunity to review two books from the series:  29 days ... to save money and achieve financial independence, and 29 days.. to your perfect weight, which he wrote with his wife, Stephanie Bertolin.

Both are excellent. The first part of both books are the same, going over the importance of creating a new habit, how long that takes, and how to create that new habit by being aware.

The second part of each book pertains to the individual subject, which gives the reader things to do for each of the 29 days as they become aware of their own habits and start to form newer, healthier habits.  And by healthier, I don't mean just for weight loss.  It takes a healthy habit to create financial independence.

An added bonus of the books is their interactive website that gives the reader the opportunity to participate in online forums and receive daily emails that help keep you on track towards your goals.  Even though the information you are receiving via email is a repeat of the info in the book, it's still good stuff.  I recommend signing up for the online part of the course after your first 29 days of following the book.  This will give you an extra month to develop all those new habits.

Now you are probably wondering what my results have been after 29 days.  As far as eight goes, I've lost 4 pounds, which I know isn't going to make me a winner on The Biggest Loser, but to me, this is fantastic.  I've been struggling with weight loss for awhile now and was happy to see the scale move (down).  All because I'm taking the time to be aware of what I eat.

Money wise - things are good.  I included my family in the 29 days approach and we're all keeping track of what we spend, and what we don't spend.  And, while we haven't quit our jobs yet, we have seen an improvement in our finances.  All steps in the right direction.


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  2. Try again without the typing errors! It sounds as though his books are well worth having!