Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Page Readers continues to grow

For those of you who have following this blog, first let me say THANK YOU!

When I first started Page Readers, I did it because as an author I know how hard it is to find someone to review your work and then post that review around the web.  For free.

Then I added in the Page Readers Show on Blog Talk Radio and started doing live interviews with authors so they could talk about their work.  I felt this made Page Readers unique in the world or reviews and interviews by offering both services.

By 2010 Page Readers had grown in popularity so much that I regretfully had to start limiting the number of books I would accept for review and even turn away authors who wanted to be a guest on the show.  Imagine!  On one hand I was sorry to have to do that, on the other I was amazed that I had to do that!

Also in 2010 I joined forces with Aggie Villanueva to create Promotion a la Carte.  At PAC we offer author promotion services that help authors build their audience - which we all know is something that must be done otherwise how will people know who you are or even that your book exists?

Since opening our doors in July 2010 we've had a steady stream of clients, all of whom have been a pleasure to work with.  We even started partnering with other promotional companies to package our services in a way that boost the authors exposure, again working to build that all important audience.

With such a steady stream of work, I had to put Page Readers on the back burner.  Now that I've had time to get PAC running smoothly, it's time to bring Page Readers back.

But not just with the reviews and interviews.  Because of all I've learned working with Aggie, I want to use some of that new knowledge at Page Readers.  I'll be adding audio and video reviews of authors work using services such as UStream and Cinch Cast.  I will also be writing review articles for more than just this blog, Amazon and Good Reads.  There are so many great article sites that will not only let me share my guests books and my reviews of them, but will also bring more exposure to Page Readers and my guests!

I hope you continue to follow along as Page Readers grows.  Please subscribe via the RSS feeder - it will send you an email when new items are posted to the blog.

And, if you want to receive great information about using the web to promote your work, be sure to subscribe to the Promotion a la Carte blog.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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