Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dale Garland author of "Letters from Sweetwater"

What fun!  Dr. Dale Garland joined me on Page Readers to discuss his novel "Letters From Sweetwater."

OK, he didn't want me calling him "Doctor," so I didn't - although I must confess:  If I had that much education and degree even my kids would call me "Doctor!"

As a semi retired Optometrist in Western North Carolina, Dale describes his work week as a 5 day weekend.  After trying full retirement for a short time, he realized it wasn't for him.  Even with several grand-kids and now even a great-grand daughter, he knew he still had the time and energy to see patients.

He also knew that he had a story in him that he needed to tell.  But his novel wasn't something that just happened over night.  Taking over a decade to create, "Letters from Sweetwater" is the tale of a family with secrets to hide and then come to terms with regardless of how the family will be forever changed.  And it's no short story either - the novel is 438 pages long!

I really enjoyed talking with Dale.  His charming southern accent and tone gave me the mental picture of a man who had reached an enviable place in his life.  During our interview I pictured him sitting in a big high backed chair behind his desk, reclining back to contemplate each question and his answers.

While I haven't been able to read the novel just yet - I've got quite a stack still lined up before I can get to it - I am definitely looking forward to the read.  If the story turns out to be even half as entertaining as my conversation with Dale, I am sure to enjoy it.

Visit Dale online at his official website.

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