Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monice Mitchell Simms discusses "Address: House of Corrections"

Monice Mitchell Simms joined me on Page Readers to discuss her latest novel "Address: House of Correction."

Monice started her writing career as a journalist, eventually moving into script writing for TV and Movies.  While this made her understand the rituals of writing, she found out that writing a novel is a completely different experience.

"Address: House of Corrections" is a fictional tale based on the life of the women in Monice's life.  Following the life of her Grandmother from the 1930's through the 60's in Chicago, Monice took the stories she heard as a child and created a masterpiece in tribute to a life well lived.

Another interesting tidbit about Monice:  She is going on a "Real" book tour!  Something that isn't done very much anymore thanks to the Internet.  But she felt that it would be a better way of connecting with her audience and building new relationships with potential readers is she was physically present at a book signing or reading. 

Learn more about Monice at her website/blog. 

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