Monday, October 4, 2010

Sherry Ficklin author of "Foresight"

Author Sherry Ficklin stopped by Page Readers to discuss her newest book "Foresight."  Listen anytime!

"Foresight" is a teen or young adult novel, based on the mythology of Pandora's Box.  When Sherry set out to write the story, her goal was to have a strong lead female character that was still human enough for her readers to relate.

As book one to a trilogy, "Foresight" introduces characters based on Sherry's love of Greek Mythology that she's created in a modern setting. 

"Second Sight" and "Hind Sight", the second and third books to the series are being released soon, so keep checking in.  Sherry has promised to let us know when they are available.

Learn more about Sherry and her new book "Foresight" at her website at

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