Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blog Talk Radio is Making Changes

In February 2011 Blog Talk Radio is going to change their membership policies, which could affect Page Readers.

I've been hosting Page Readers at Blog Talk Radio since March 2008.  I've always used their free membership and have a wonderful experience with the service.  Because I don't charge authors for being on the show or blog, the free membership at BTR worked for me.

They do offer a Revenue Sharing option, but to be honest, that isn't going to make me rich, or even pay a bill or two.  Even though Page Readers is averaging 1,000+ listens per month the Revenue Sharing option nets me about $1.00 a month.  And since their payout threshold is $25.00... you can see paychecks from BTR are few and far between.

So now they're telling me and all the other free members of the site that in order to continue using their service as is, we'll have to start paying for it.  They are putting restrictions on the free membership:  One show a day, no shows during "Prime Time," and no Private Episodes.  

I will keep you all posted on this development.  I don't think this will change the way I host Page Readers, as I can't imagine that noon on a weekday is "Prime Time," one show a day works for me, and I'm pretty sure I'm not hosting "Private Episodes," since all my shows are open to the public.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm open to change.  If any of you have a suggestion or use a different way to create your own podcasts, let me know.  I have added other ways for authors to appear on and be promoted by Page Readers but I definitely want to continue offering live/recorded interviews because that really is the fun part of the work I do here.

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