Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Susannah Raulino shares her skills in "It Writes Itself"

This one is for all you authors out there. 

Susannah Raulino stopped by Page Readers to discuss her book, "It Writes Itself, A Traveling Guide to Writing Fiction."

"It Writes Itself" began as a class syllabus that Susannah was teaching on creative writing.  As the class progressed and ideas were added, she realized this information needed to be shared with more than just her students.

As an improv actress, Susannah realizes the need for inspiration and sometimes even that gentle push that brings on creativity.  While up on stage her troupe takes suggestions from the audience, creates a play and then acts it out - on the spot!

Doing this taught Susannah that sometimes stories have their own purpose and characters want to tell their own tales.  Sometimes, an author is nothing more than a scribe, just taking down the events as they happen around them.

It's an interesting thought.  So many authors get caught up in telling their story that they don't realize what they've created can tell it from a better perspective.  I've had other authors tell me that too - their characters take on a life of their own, and tell them, the author, their story.  And when the author finally gave up control and just listened to those voices, the story wrote itself.  And turned out better than expected.

So, if you're an author looking for a way out of your creative funk, or you've come to a point where writing isn't fun anymore or you are in need of stretching those creative wings, I highly recommend Susannah's book.  I found it to be unique, inspiring, fun and most importantly - different from all the other "how to" books on writing.

Visit Susannah online at for more about this fabulous book and talented author.

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