Monday, January 4, 2010

Page Readers talks with Hillary Homzie and Julia DeVillers

This show was definitely a lot of fun. Hillary Homzie and Julia DeVillers shared with me their latest books that are part of the new Justice Book of the Month Club, books that are focused primarily on on Tweens and their experiences and challenges they face during what can be a very trying time in a young persons life.

Both women each have several books in their porfolios, and through their publisher Simon & Schuster were brought together to be part of the Justice Club. Each have written several stories focused not only on Tweens, but the younger and even older youth ages.

Julia's book, "Liberty Porter, First Daughter" follows Liberty Porter and her 9 year old life as she begins the journey of being the First Daughter, living in the White House. Learn more about Julia, Liberty, and all Julia's books at Be sure to read the About Me page - it will make you laugh!

Hillary's book, "Things Are Gonna Get Ugly" brings the story of Tafetta who goes from being "that" girl in school - the one everyone wants to be - to being the one no one wants to be. Learn more about Hillary, Tafetta and all of Hillary's books at Be sure to watch the book trailer on "Things Are Gonna Get Ugly", I think it will have you wanting this book for your library no matter what your age.

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