Monday, January 4, 2010

Page Readers talks with Robert Needham, author of Wealth 3.0

After the financial collapse of 2008, economists predicted that if America did not change, we would slip into another Great Depression and possibly a dictatorship.

Dr. Needham sees it another way, he believes that the American dream of freedom beats strong in the heart of our citizens. However, he does believe that it is time for another Freedom Revolution as our forefathers did with Wealth 1.0, except this time it is not for “land”, but “100% ownership of American Free Enterprise (a small business)”.

In Wealth 3.0, Dr. Needham establishes a new doctrine for the Middle Class. He proposes that the crisis created by the Wealth 2.0—Big Business and Big Government failure which broke the trust in “fractional ownership of Big Business (Wall Street)” forever has left our economy in shambles. Americans need to make a re-declaration of our more

According to the Social Security Administration, by the time we reach Age 65; only 3% of Americans have achieved Financial Security and 97% retire Dead, Dead Broke, or Still Working. This is the legacy of Wealth 2.0. It is estimated that when faced with a life crisis such as illness, finances, or divorce only 10% will change their habits and choose another direction. Dr. Needham, in Wealth 3.0, believes that getting an additional 7% to achieve Wealth as the 3% did in Wealth 2.0 will create a new economy in America that can create prosperity, freedom, and a legacy with hope for our entire nation.

The 90% remaining will not change, but the economy will be strong enough to provide them help in their journey to dependence as describe in Tytler’s Fatal Sequence.

Dr. Needham calls for a non-violent revolution of the Middle Class to demand their rights to freedom, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “We need a system of Wealth Coaches just like the Upper Class has enjoyed; that will provide the wisdom and knowledge needed for Wealth Creation and the Accountability.”

Will you stop asking Big Business and Big Government to “watch over you” and join our revolution to save America? If so, Wealth 3.0—Saving America One Small Business At A Time™ may be just the answer to your financial future.

Visit our website at and let the revolution begin!

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