Monday, January 4, 2010

Page Readers talks with Sheri Zampelli

Sheri O. Zampelli M.S., CCH is the author of From Sabotage to Success and Donate Your Weight. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and college instructor who has helped thousands of people to overcome addictions, self-sabotage and life-long struggles. Her life story is one of personal triumph. Zampelli lived the first part of her life in the midst of abuse, addiction and homelessness. These experiences gave her the schooling necessary to be of service to others in a meaningful and powerful way.

Zampelli’s self-empowerment programs utilize a unique combination of behavior modification, positive reinforcement, hypnosis, positive self-talk and law of attraction to help participants achieve a lifestyle filled with joy and authenticity and free from struggles and self-sabotage.

Sheri Zampelli has appeared on national television and has been featured in national publications such as Woman’s Day and Mademoiselle. She is available for media interviews and public speaking engagements.

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