Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dennis Vaughn author of "The Price of Revenge"

Author and Attorney Dennis Vaughn stopped by to discuss his new novel, "The Price of Revenge."

Dennis had quite the experience writing this first novel.  A friend approached him with the idea and then asked Dennis to come up with the story line.  Then Dennis was asked to do an outline.  Then write a few chapters.  Then he realized that he was going to be writing this story all by himself.

It was quite a lesson in patience and persistence.  Taking over 10 years to complete, Dennis takes pride in knowing he has turned out a quality product.  He knew his subject, or at least the inner workings of it, as an attorney. While he says that none of his characters or story lines come from actual cases, he admits that understanding how a case works helped write the story.

Visit Dennis Vaughn on the web to learn more about his novel "The Price of Revenge."

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