Monday, September 6, 2010

Margo Candela author of "Good-Bye to All That"

Author Margo Candela stopped by Page Readers to talk about her book "Good-Bye to All That."

A native Californian and journalism major, Margo Candela started writing early and hasn't stopped.  After many years of learning her craft, she set out to write her first novel.  "Good-Bye to All That" is her fourth novel.

As a writer who works from home Margo is fascinated by the work place.  She loves listening to the stories her working friends tell about co-workers and their employment troubles.  The main character in Good-By to All That, Rachel is struggling with her two worlds, work and personal, as they both begin to fall apart.

The best parts of this interview was Margo talking about the work of being a writer.  She takes her job seriously, has set hours and sets deadlines for herself.  She understands that the only way to get the project done, is to work at it.  She says, "you don't get six pack abs without doing the crunches." So true!

Margo had some even more exciting news to share - one of her books is being looked at as a possible movie project.  Listening to Margo talk about her work with such passion and persistence, I have no doubt we'll be seeing her name in lights soon!

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