Thursday, September 9, 2010

NEW - Writers Resource Page

As Page Readers continues to grow, I have to say the best thing about the experience are the wonderfully talented people I meet along the way.

So many of these people are not only creators of tales or books that help us along this journey in life, they are also the creators of information.  As they learn to develop their skills and become experts, they find that sometimes, people are interested in the "how" than the result.

On the new Page Readers Writers Resource Page, I've put together a short list - which I'm sure will grow! - of books or guides written by authors who have been there and done that.  I've even included my own Quick Tips advice to help all of you have successful interviews when you promote your work.  Yes - the book is still coming out!  I just felt that getting these important tips out first would at least give you all something to start with.

And, if you do happen to purchase my Quick Tips, you'll receive a special gift to use when the book is released SOON!

One more thing!  If you have your own how to book available, something that you think other authors should have as a guide, please let me know.  I would be honored to add your product to the Page Readers Writers Resource Page.  Just send me an email at

Thank you everyone for making Page Readers so successful.  Keep reading and keep writing!

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