Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jennifer Walker author of "Bubba Goes National"

Author Jennifer Walking stopped by Page Readers to discuss her newest book "Bubba Goes National"

Jennifer Walker is a lover of the written word.  Her newest book "Bubba Goes National" started out as a challenge to herself.  She had read some other works where the subject matter was another love of hers, horses, and felt that she could write a better story.

So she set out to create a story based on her own life, something authors always tell those who say they want to write.  "Write about what you know."  Having spent much of her life around horses and riding stables, Jennifer puts much of those experiences into this story.

While her characters are fictional, they are in fact based on people she has known in the world of horse training, stables and the people of "the barn." 

Jennifer was kind enough to send me her book for review, and I personally loved it.  As an equestrian lover, and someone who has experienced "the barn" world, I could totally relate to her characters and especially her description of the emotions involved in competing. 

Visit Jennifer on the web and learn more about this wonderfully talented writer!


  1. Thank you for your kind review, Nanci! It was so much fun being on your show.

  2. It was fun having you has a guest! Keep me posted on your work, I'd love to have you back on the show.