Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arthur Torsone discusses "Herb Trader" on Page Readers

Marijuana smuggler turned author, Arthur Torsone visited Page Readers to discuss his book "Herb Trader."

"Herb Trader" is the true life story of Arthur Torsone, a self-described "regular guy" who finds himself caught up in the illegal global market of marijuana smuggling. 

Brought into the underworld by what he considered to be an opportunity of a lifetime - a way to make a lot of money in a short period of time - one pay day and he was hooked. 

Arthur spent the next several years traveling to isolated corners of the planet, dealing with people he couldn't trust, living in conditions that were far below a 5 star rating.  His story will open your eyes to the gritty reality of drug trafficking.

It wasn't until after he had retired from the business when he was drawn back into it by people he had trusted for years when the real trouble started.  Caught in a cat and mouse game, being used as a pawn in a game between the super-powers of the world, Art was kidnapped and help prisoner in a Cambodian prison. 

After months of captivity, he was released only to be kidnapped again just hours later.  It was then that Art decided it was time to begin writing his story, if only for his daughters to know what became of their father.

This is quite a story, and an equally interesting interview with Arthur.  Visit the office Herb Trader website at to learn more.

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