Thursday, August 12, 2010

Page Readers talks with Authors of Sonar 4 Publications

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Sonar 4 Publications is home to many talented authors.  I've had a fantastic experience getting to know some of them as guests on Page Readers.
Let's start with Shells Walters, Editor-in-Chief at Sonar4, and an author too.  Shells joined me to disucss her two books "Bite This" and "Justice Served", as well as her journey into the Publishing World. Shells has many books available - here is one of them:

Then there was Michael Jodoin who joined me to discuss his story Holy Hell.  Michael has also written screenplays like Love Sucks, a vampire love story, The Legend of Wooly Swamp, loosely based on the Charlie Daniels song of the same name, and The Wolf with the Red Rose, a werewolf tale. In addition he has written a cable pilot entitled Salvation, co-written a zombie/western entitled From the Darkness and a religious horror Lucifers Hero. He is also one of the co-writers of The Dark Macabre. He and his wife Donna have recently formed a production company, MIDO Entertainment and have several projects under way.

And Lori Titus, the Managing Editor for Flashes in the Dark, and Short Story Submissions Editor for Sonar4 Ezine. Her fiction has been included in three anthologies so far. Most recently her stories appeared in Mausoleum Memoirs, and Toe Tags: 21 Spine-Tingling Stories by the Best New Authors in Horror.

Lori joined me to talk about Green Water Lullabys and The Marradith Ryder Series, posted on Flashes in the Dark weekly. For more information, check out her blog.

Dylan Morgan, author of October Rain joined me from across the pond to discuss his book.  Listen to his interview here, and find out more about Dylan and his work at

We have more Sonar4 Publication authors coming up:
Brick Marlin, author of Dark Places of Rest joined me on Friday May 14th . Other books by Brick:

Jason Bicko, author of Alien Inc on June 2nd at 9:30am Pacific.

Mark Walters, author of A Flourish of Damange and other Tales on June 27th at 10am Pacific.

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