Saturday, August 21, 2010

"The True Nature of Tarot," by Diane Wing, M.A.

Anyone who practices, or wants to learn the tarot will enjoy reading “The True Nature of Tarot”.

Written in an easy to understand and enjoyable to read format, Diane shares with the reader her knowledge and inner wisdom gained through years of experience and experiences of being a tarot reader.

Given the nature of the subject I was intrigued. Yes, I own a deck of tarot cards, and yes, every once in awhile I pull them out to seek an answer. Or two.

But the little book that came with cards, while it describes the cards and their meanings nicely, what is lacks is what Diane’s book offers; the permission and guidance to listen to your inner voice more as you perform a reading.

Diane also speaks to the tarot reader from a professional standpoint. For those of you who offer readings to groups or individuals either for fun or as a business, Diane explains processes that help make the experience as pleasant and insightful as possible for both the reader and the seeker.

I enjoyed the book. It made me pull out my tarot deck and take a closer look at each card, letting the meaning of each one speak to me. I think the next time I ask a question of the cards, with Diane’s book as a reference; I will be able to gather much more information.

And more information is exactly what we're seeking when we sit for a tarot card reading.

Visit for more about Diane and her work.

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