Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funny Man Hank Quense talks about his latest book "Tales From Gundarland"

Hank Quense joined me for the fourth time on Page Readers, this time to talk about his latest book, "Tales From Gundarland."

This latest book, "Tales From Gundarland" is right on track with all of Hanks twisted tales.  Let me tell you, when Hank takes on a story, he does quite the job of having his way with it.

"Tales From Gundarland" is made up of 7 short stories and two novellas, all tales revolve around the place, Gundarland, and it's array of beings who roam the lands created in Hanks imagination.

When asked where he gets his ideas for such crazy tales his answer is "they just come to me, tell me their story as if applying for a job.  Then I have to decide if they're interesting enough to be a part of what I'm writing."

I for one, am a fan of Hank and his stories.  So I hope there is a long line of characters waiting for their interview. Find out more about Hank and his fantastic fantasy stories on his websiteVisit here for a list of reviews and interviews with Hank.

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