Tuesday, August 24, 2010

T.P. Jones discusses "The Gamble" on Page Readers

Tom P. Jones joined me today to discuss book two "The Gamble" of the trilogy series, "The Loss of Certainty."

This author did something different to research this series.  He went to live in Iowa so that he could immerse himself in the real day-to-day lives of the people who lived there.  In his book, he names his fictional Iowa city, Jackson, but in real life he was spending time in Dubuque working in jobs and watching others from all walks of life.

When T.P. originally began to think of this story, he thought it would be just one book.  But as the words found their way to paper, he realized he had so much more than just one story.  And in reality, The Gamble is more than just one story.  It's really a weaving of many stories and how they are all tied together.

The Gamble is no short read.  When it arrived on my desk, I thought, "Wow.  This is going to take awhile."  But once I started reading it, I was hooked.  Tom has a definite way with words, characters and scenes that kept me turning the pages.  I finished it in 5 days, which I believe to be some kind of record for me!

The final book in the series, "River Rising" is due out in September and will tie everything together.  The series, 18 years in the making, is sure to entertain.

Visit the official website at www.thelossofcertainty.com

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