Monday, August 16, 2010

Gina Holmes author of "Crossing Oceans"

Gina Holmes joined me on Page Readers to talk about her latest novel "Crossing Oceans."

Talking with Gina was like talking with a dear friend who always has the kindest and inspirational things to say.  She is a writer who has been down a couple of paths before finding her true voice on the page.  Her first attempt at story telling came in the form of suspense novels.  When they weren't picked up by publishers, Gina changed her subject and wrote from her heart.

Which is why Crossing Oceans is such a powerful story.  Set in a small town a young mother, Jenny Lucas has returned and must now face her past, her future and her daughters future without her. Gina gives us characters with a history without creating entire novels around them, and puts them right into present making every scene of the book something to think about.

I wish I could tell you about the ending, but I can't!  Other than to say it was truly one of those stories that breaks your heart and then makes it whole and stronger from the experience.  Have your tissues handy!

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