Friday, July 23, 2010

Alan Smith Shares his book "Unbreak Your Health" on Page Readers

Today author and public speaker Alan Smith shared his book "UnBreak Your Health" on Page Readers.

It was through his own experience with western medicine and a disappointing diagnosis that prompted Alan to take control of his own health and find relief when doctors at the Mayo Clinic failed to help.  Along they way he found many books and resources to be helpful, but so many were overwhelming or outdated and that is what gave him the idea to write his own.

In "UnBreak Your Health", Alan breaks down many alternative and complimentary therapies that are available to anyone in search of another way to treat what ails them.  His first edition of the book was barely off his desk when he realized that he had enough for a second book, and he even decided to reformat the second book into an easier to read version.  Each therapy is described in a page or two, along with links to more information.

There is even a third edition in the works!  Scheduled to be released January 2011, Alan will share even more ways to take control of your well being. 

Visit Alan's website, follow him on Twitter, and check out his blog.  This is all great information!

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