Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Review: "Drawn to the Land"

Drawn to the Land

by Elizabeth J. and Barton M. Cockey

“Drawn to the Land”, the second book from the Elizabeth and Barton Cockey, is a wonderful blend of present day farming in upstate New York, the history of the land and beautiful art depicting the peaceful colors and scenes of the area.

When I started reading the book I thought this would read more like the journal of the couple as they traipsed around, but it is so much more. I learned the history of families who have farmed, milked and raised families for generations in this area rich with history.

Bottom line, this book is going to be listed as one of my favorites - because it is more than just a story; it is the telling of life in another beautiful area of our country, the stories of strong families who are still doing the work of their great grandparents, and who look forward to the day when the next generation keep the traditions alive.

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