Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diana Raab shares "Healing with Words" on Page Readers

Diana Raab joined me on Page Readers to discuss her book "Healing with Words, A Writer's Cancer Journey.

Diana's journey into writing began early in life.  She was just 10 years old when her grandmother committed suicide, and her mother bought her a journal for Diana to record her feelings surrounding this tragedy. 

Throughout the years, Diana continued to journal events in her life.  When she was pregnant and confined to bed, her journals became her way of getting through the long hours of waiting, or sorting through all of her emotions in experiencing a high risk pregnancy.  It was through these journals that her book "Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant: Overcoming Infertility and Managing Your High Risk Pregnancy," was born.

When she was diagnosed with DCIS, ductal carcinoma in suti, her life was forever changed.  She took to her journals as a way to record the events happening around her, her fears, hopes and dreams for herself and her young family. 

Turning her journals into a book for others to read about her experience, gives the reader an up close and personal view into Diana's life, at what was a highly emotional time.  While reading the book I found myself full of emotion too - feeling her pain, fear, sadness, along with the joys she encountered along the way.

This book is more than just the telling of Diana's own story.  In it, she offers prompts for readers to journal their own journey, questions to ponder and even small writing exercises created to prod the reader into some serious thought. 

While the subject matter was emotional, I did enjoy this book.  I feel like Diana is a friend of mine now, a very strong and powerful example of the human spirit.

Visit Diana's website at to find links to all of Diana's work.

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