Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rick Schamber author of "Wild Turkey Spring Fling"

Rick Schamber, author of several hunting books, his latest being "Wild Turkey Spring Fling, Vol. 2" joined me for his second guest appearance on Page Readers.

Rick is an avid hunter and professional guide, taking people to where the action is across several states into some of the most beautiful areas our country has to offer.

And while hunting may not be for everyone, Rick points out that it is an important part of keeping the balance when it comes to human and animals sharing the land.  For example he talks about the Wild Hog population and how their numbers have increased so much that they are reeking havoc on farm lands throughout Texas and beyond.  Without hunters like Rick to help thin populations of such animals, they would begin to take over more than just farmlands. 

On Ricks website he also offers items that boast his book covers, from t-shirts to aprons to coffee mugs.  Find out more about Rick, his books and his business of being a professional hunting guide on his website, connect with him on Twitter and Facebook too

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