Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cornelia Amiri author of "Druid Bride" on Page Readers

Author Cornelia Amiri joined me today to talk about her latest book "Druid Bride"

Cornelia has nine books to her name, most of them fictional stories based around Celtic History which she claims to be her favorite subject.  Based on what we talked about, I'd say she is an expert in the field.

When asked where she gets her ideas for her stories, she said that while she's doing her research, character will form, ideas will come to her, and sometimes a small piece of myth will find its way to her mixed in with current writings. 

She loves that in Celtic times, women where treated as equals to men, giving her voice to create strong women characters who are not held back by the normal chains of gender. 

Visit her official website to learn more about her collection of books.  And also look for her around the web at:




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