Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Susan Whitfield author of The Logan Hunter Mystery Series

Author Susan Whitfield joined me on Page Readers to discuss "The Logan Hunter Mystery Series" and her upcoming project "Killer Recipes".

When Susan Whitfield decided it was time to become an author, she carried around with her a pen and a notepad waiting for her muse to find her.

Which it did.  She was on a vacation the ideas started flowing. And from that creative burst she has written a series around Logan Hunter, beginning with her rookie year on the police force and carrying us through some harder cases and her career progresses. 

There are currently three books in the series, with a fourth about to be released.  Visit her website at for more about The Logan Hunter Mystery Series.

Susan has also put together a cook book, "Killer Recipes," which is set to be released soon.  The proceeds from this book will be donated to cancer research.  In it she gives much credit (and links) to all the authors who contributed to the book.  Great job Susan!  Find out more about this book on Susan's blog

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