Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dr. Sandra Ceren author and counselor on Page Readers

Author Dr. Sandra Ceren joined me on Page Readers to discuss two of her books (and more) on Page Readers.

Dr. Ceren is the author of two Premarital Guide books, one for counselors, the other for couples.  Both offer great information to take into consideration when taking the Plunge. 

"Look Before You Leap, A Premarital Guide," is for couples, helping them with their decision to marry.  She starts off by offering two Quizzes, one Personality Quiz one Relationship Quiz.  Both are discussed with answers and responses broken down giving the reader some really great food for thought. 

"Essentials of Premarital Counseling" is a guide book for the marriage counselor, something to help the professional work with couples who are preparing for marriage.

Dr. Ceren is also the author of two fictional stories, "Prescription for Terror," and    "Confessions from the Couch".  Writing fiction gave her a way to vent frustrations she's encountered in her practice and work her creative side for awhile!

Visit Dr. Ceren's website at and buy her books on Amazon.

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