Friday, July 9, 2010

Professor David Floyd author of "Through My Mother's Tears"

"I will NOT measure my success by monetary values, but the contributions to another person’s success." ~ David Floyd ~

Listen to Professor Floyd talk about his life, his book and his newest mission and you will know that he truly lives by these words.
David was the rumor you heared about, but never really knew if it was true. The kids who gets passed from grade to grade without ever having to actually learn - because he's the star athlete.

As a star basketball player in a small town, David was allowed promotion to the next grade without learning to read past the Second Grade level. Even though he was allowed to graduate High School, and had the opportunity to go to college, he knew his secret would be out. Instead, he took a job mopping floors at a local restaurant.

Two years passed and then one night a friend from high school came into the restaurant with friends and pointed David out as someone who used to be something, but now was just a looser mopping floors.

This motivated David to make the necessary changes to pursue his dream of college. With the help of teachers who taught David to believe in himself, he was able to graduate and has gone on to become a college level professor.

Now he is working on a new consulting business that will turn the educational community into a power house, if only he can get the powers that be to get their heads around the concept of treating students like a customer!

If a manager was unable to train their employees to understand a concept, the manager would be deemed a failure. It should be the same I. The classroom - if half the class of students are failing a subject, how can then teacher be deemed a success?

Visit David's website to learn more about his story and his mission.

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